Edial.lk is Sri Lanka’s leading business directory service providing businesses, companies or individual professionals the opportunity to have their own personally customized web page listed on a fast-growing platform for their company or business needs. Our website will help your new or existing business or company get into the spotlight of the internet which will increase overall customer awareness and how often your establishment is noticed by the populous. Our aspiration for the site is to be the one place that people look, for information on a business or service provider in Sri Lanka.


Level 34, East Tower, World Trade Center, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka. +94 117 59 8560

Operational Office

No 494/1, Rathnapura Road, Munagama, Horana

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Please Feel Free to Contact Team eDial.


Tel : +94 117 59 8560

Mobile : +94 77 2 38 58 38

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